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Debrah L. Roemisch
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Debrah L. Roemisch

I am a Registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressurist and an Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teacher www.jinshindo.org I am Nationally Certified in Asian Bodywork Therapy through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) www.nccaom.org . I am also an Indiana Certified Massage Therapist (MT20901023) and I am a member of the AOBTA (American Association of Bodywork Therapies of Asia) and the ABMP (Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals).

I have studied and practiced various holistic health methods since 1978, including: Western massage, deep muscle release, Shiatsu, Macrobiotic philosophy and cooking, natural foods, herbal remedies, various forms of yoga, Taiji Quan, Qigong, and Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®—which is my specialty. I completed my training to be a Registered Jin Shin Do®  Acupressurist in 1994 and then in March, 2000, I completed all of the requirements to be an Authorized Jin Shin Do® Teacher. I passed the national Certification exam for the NCCAOM in October, 2003(one of only two in Indiana)

Are you like Goldilocks when it comes to massage or bodywork?
Have you had massage that was too hard or too soft? Or not focused where you needed it? Or the massage was good but the room was too cold or too hot? Or the table was not comfortable or the music annoying?  I am able to give deep pressure to those who need it, yet am sensitive to those who respond best to light pressure!

I will discuss with you what your expectations are and we can decide what modalities will work best for you.

I will customize every session to fit what you need and want--making adjustments so that you are truly comfortable.

I will work in partnership with you to create the most relaxing and healing session possible. Not too hard or too soft--but just right!

I can also teach you simple techniques such as self-acupressure or Qigong exercises to use at home to enhance relaxation and pain relief, so you will feel good for a much longer time!

I don't want you to be stressed trying to figure out what kind of session you want so all sessions are priced by time NOT type--no extra charge or confusing pricing levels for different kinds of treatment.

On a personal note: I am married, have three daughters and three grand kids, and a cat! My husband and I enjoy doing Taiji and Qigong together, and cooking natural foods. We also enjoy outdoor activities, including gardening, hiking, canoeing, and wildcrafting of herbs and foods--we are also Indiana Master Naturalists! We are currently learning ballroom dance! We love spending time with our families. I make many of my own herbal concoctions and am continuing my herbal studies. I love to read both for fun and for learning.

260-745-1727  debjsd@yahoo.com 

“Traditional Asian healing and philosophy views body, mind and spirit as one inseparable unity and when I work with clients it is always with the recognition of this".

“Working on the body, paying attention to the mind and honoring the spirit is an integral part of the work that I do.”


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