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How to prepare: It’s best not to eat a big meal before getting a treatment. Synthetic fragrances are toxic to everyone but for some of us have immediate effects such as migraines which is what happens to me. Please do not use fragranced products before a session!

What to expect: I would like you to be completely relaxed and comfortable--if anything is keeping you from fully enjoying this experience please let me know! If you don’t like the music--I have different kinds, if you are too cold or hot, if you need more pillows or to lie in a different position, if you need to use the rest room--please don’t hesitate to tell me. As for the massage/acupressure itself, I often say it should “hurt good”. Like exercise, if you take a leisurely stroll around the block, well, it’s better than watching TV, but if you try to run a marathon when you’re not in shape you could be hurt. The middle ground is best. What I call “fluff” massage, rubbing lots of oil with a very light touch is relaxing but there is no lasting benefit, but going too deep, too quickly can cause more tension and possible damage. You will soon learn what I mean by “hurt good”. It helps when I get into a very tense point to breathe deeply and concentrate on relaxing completely--but anytime you cannot relax into the point and it is not feeling good, please let me know. I am sensitive, and can usually gauge the right pressure, but I’m only human--so again, please speak up!

Bodymind effects: Western medicine is finally starting to recognize that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body, but in Chinese medicine it is understood that the body and mind are the same thing! In massage and acupressure we see that emotions and attitudes are held in the body. Thus, when tension is released in the muscles sometimes emotions will come up.  You may see images or may feel sad, angry, frightened, etc., and if you want to talk about what you are feeling or seeing and want to express your emotions, that’s a good way to help release them and thus the tension. I am not a psycho-therapist, but I can listen and help you understand how emotions have been stored in your body. Of course you may feel just pleasant feelings--many people find it easy to go into a meditative or trancelike state. By totally relaxing and going with the flow, you will enable me to help you truly release the blocked up energy. Some people fall asleep and that is okay too. Also, I enjoy working with people and helping them feel better--I hate to hear of someone suffering because they feel self-conscious about their body shape or size. I’ve seen all kinds and am just fine with the fact that people come in different shapes and sizes.

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