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Debrah L. Roemisch
Services And Rates

I am trained in a number of modalities--and I am always learning new ways to help my clients. 

My specialty is Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®, a clothes on modality--see www.jinshindo.org for a complete description.

I also do Shiatsu, which is also done clothed.

I also do western massage and deep muscle work using oil. If you would like massage I will leave the room while you undress (except for your underwear) and you will be covered by a sheet at all times. If you prefer just Acupressure or Shiatsu, please wear a T-shirt and sweats or stretch pants or shorts (no jeans). I also teach you ways to help yourself at home!*

All sessions are priced by time not type--no extra charge or confusing pricing levels for different kinds of treatment:

$35.00--1/2 hour;  $65.00--1 hour;  $75.00--1 1/4 hours;  $85.00--1 1/2 hours.

Gift Certificates are available!

Investing in massage and acupressure is an investment in your health!

Location: My office is located at my home address: 2545 Maple Place, Ft. Wayne, IN, 46807. I do this for a couple of reasons. One, this enables me to keep my prices much lower than similar work would cost elsewhere. Two, I have all my reference materials in one place so if something comes up that I need to look up I have easy access. Three, I work at keeping the energy of my space very peaceful and calming—I have found that this is not always possible when I have worked in offices with others.

I also offer chair massage at your location: $15.00 per 15 minute session with a minimum of 4 sessions. Great idea for rewarding your employees for hard work or for showers or other celebrations!

Self-Help Classes:* You will learn a simple routine of exercise, breathing, and meditation, utilizing techniques from the Daoist traditions of Qigong and Taiji, and the traditions of Yoga, followed by easy acupressure and massage techniques you can do for yourself or others, and then I will share with you recipes and samples of natural foods and herbs pertaining to the topic of the day. I have taught classes for doulas/midwives; Nurses; and at various organizations such as the Ft Wayne Community Center for help with headaches, back and neck pain, digestive issues, sleep issues, colds and sinus, and stress management. Contact me if you would like to organize a class for you and your friends or colleagues!

*Information taught during sessions or self-help classes is for educational purposes only to assist with healthy, holistic living and not meant to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological care. These classes are not part of the Jin Shin Do® Foundation curriculum.

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